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Trinket Trays

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Add a little southern sweetness with the Set of 4 Gigi Trinket Trays from Foreside Home & Garden. Each dish has a clean, modern enamel finish with a different phrase inspired by classic southern living. Sweet sentiments make this a great gift as well. -These are multifunctional dishes that can be used as trinket trays, candle plates, or even a decorative accent when propped up on an easel. -Traditional roots ground the farmhouse style with a simple and timeless charm. -Clean modern white enamel finish, décor use only. -Interior surface of each tray is 5.25" round, and tray depth is 1.625" -Phrases read: "gimme some sugar!", "Hey y'all", "Bless your heart", and "Southern as sweet tea" -6.25 x 6.25 x 0.5"H EACH