What is the cost of the hat bar?
It depends on the hat and accessories you choose, our hats start at $69 and go up to $200+

Do the hats come in sizes?
Some hats come sized, others are one size fits most, and some have adjustable crowns for a better fit.

Can the hats be branded?
Some of the hats can, others cannot due to the material they are made from, we will let you know which ones can be and which ones aren’t suitable for branding.

Do we put it together or do you?
You select your time slot, pick your hat, and all the accessories you want, The hat will be decorated by us and branded by us.

Can I bring my own hat?
We aren’t not offering this service at this time but have a large selection of colors and styles to choose from!

To ensure you receive the best experience, please arrive a few minutes before your time slot. Late arrival will result in a forfeit of your time slot and you’ll be attended to at the next available time.